10 things I love about you

It’s the month of proclaiming your love to your nearest and dearest, making sure they know how much they mean to you. You’ve been through a lot together, your fair share of ups, downs and new horizons. So here’s a list of the ten reasons some regular Kingussie cyclists love their nearest and dearest, pedal powered machine...

1. Ridin’ solo or making new friends. Meet interesting, like minded people, share breathtaking views with friends, push each other up the hills, or if you need some head space, go it alone.

2. Cake, cake, cake. Ride to your desired cafe stop. Munch on your desired dessert. Ride home. Do it again next weekend. Braw.

3. Be happy. Cycling has multiple benefits for your mental wellbeing. Whether it’s escaping daily stresses for an hour or two, sleeping better after a long ride, increasing your confidence when you add on an extra couple of miles to your ride each week or chatting things out with friends, cycling is the only therapy you really need.

4. Quick commutes. If you commute by bike to work, not only will you skip the road rage, you’re fifty percent faster than everyone waiting in gridlocked rush hour traffic. So long suckers.

5. Thrills and spills. Whether you’re shredding corners on a mountain bike, or burning rubber on your road ride, the buzz is something most serious riders crave. In Scotland this usually includes horizontal hail stones stinging your face at the same time.

6. Fresh air. Whether you cycle miles into the middle of nowhere, or to the shop for your paper, when the fresh air (and in the highlands that really does mean fresh,) hits your lungs, you’re legs will be spinning faster than ever before.

7. Adventure. Cycling 50 miles in a day, touring route 500, across a continent, or entering a race... all you need is a bike and a goal. You’ll see more, think more, feel more, do more and at the end of it, feel a little bit more you with all the pedal powered discoveries you found along the way. And, it doesn’t have to be an epic adventure. Take one night, one bike, one bivvy bag and small hill in the height of summer, you’ll be back home before work, but your head might not be!

8. Saving the planet. Feel all warm and fuzzy inside because you’re a good citizen of this world. Cycling has practically no carbon footprint. Plus, 20 bikes fit in the space of 1 car, so it’s totally acceptable for you to treat yourself to another bike if you want to.

9. Fitness. Want a heart that pumps blood efficiently round the body? Legs of sculpted steel? A body that will carry you wherever you want go? Cycling has you covered.

10. Cycling is freeeeeedom. When asking cyclists around Kingussie, this reason came out on top. Knowing you can discover new places and have fun getting lost on purpose, being the only groups of luminous lycra clad people for miles, realising you can climb a hill faster than you could a month ago and then fly down it faster than you thought possible. On a bike you can be who you want to be, push your body as far as you want to and let your mind wander and ponder the loveliness of life. Deeeeep.

So what are you waiting for? Fall in love with riding your bike and you’ll fall in love with your life all over again and again and again.

“Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But Ride.” Eddy Merckx

by Mari-Claire

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