Inshriach Singletrack 2

Start at the gardens in Kingussie. Take the road towards Insh passing Ruthven Barracks. At Tromie Bridge turn right on the estate road and after 200 yds. turn sharp left uphill to Drumguish. At the top (crossroads) turn right and follow this road/track through a gate towards the forest. Pass through another high gate into the trees and follow this forest road as it climbs uphill past the first crossroads. When the gradient flattens out look out for a track crossing the road (1).

Turn left onto this doubletrack which soon becomes singletrack and can be boggy in places. Look out for a sharp turn on the right (2) and follow this as it climbs gently up hill. This singletrack climb is ridable all the way and eventually emerges on an old forest road (3). Turn right and follow for a short distance to the top of Creag Dhubh where there is an old Trig. point (4). Follow the singletrack from the top and take the left hand fork. A little further on take another left turn. This trail is known locally as the Ridge Line and is the longest section of singletrack in Inshriach. The trail soon emerges from the trees and winds it's way across a clear felled area towards a lone standing dead tree. This part of the trail has only recently been opened up and is still being improved. It is all perfectly ridable though. From the dead tree the trail descends towards the tree line and enters the forest again. It then twists and turns it's way through the trees for some distance on narrow trails and eventually emerges onto a more established track (5).

Turn right here and after just 20 yds. turn left onto more singletrack. This short section is known locally as Starwars. It emerges on a forest road. Turn right here and after about 50 yds. turn left (6). Follow this bearing left onto singletrack through the trees. After it rejoins the doubletrack carry on for approx. 300 yds. and watch carefully for singletrack on the left (7). Take this and follow it to the end at a forest road. Turn right and after 100 yds. turn left onto a footpath (8). At the end of this path turn left on a wider track. Go uphill round a couple of bends and turn right (9) uphill on a narrow path. This takes you over Farrletter Crag with great views over Uath Lochans and Glen Feshie and further on at a large boulder views over Strathspey.

From the boulder carry on and go downhill passing a turning on the left. About 20 yds. past this turning look carefully for some singletrack on the left (10)...easily missed as the start is not obvious. Follow this track which soon becomes quite distinct and easy to follow through the trees. It ends on the path that you came up earlier (between 8 and 9). Turn right on this path and at the end turn right again on the forest road. Follow this road passing the first turning on the left and after a while the road splits (11). Take the left hand road and climb gradually until the road surface changes just after a turning point.

A short distance beyond this as the track becomes steeper look out for singletrack on the right (12). Follow this as it descends through the trees..rooty and twisting at first, fast and flowing lower down. This trail is known locally as The Tunnel. When you reach the forest road go straight across onto more singletrack. At the end of this track (13) go through the gate and turn left.This is the Badenoch Way. Follow it back to Drumguish where you rejoin the outward route back to Kingussie.

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